Science Agenda

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) Science Agenda outlines the overall science direction for the NW CSC in 2012-2015. It forms an integral part of the NW CSC Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 and was developed with input from cultural and natural resource managers in the Northwest. The Science Agenda guides the NW CSC and its Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) in the identification of annual and long-term research priorities to be funded by the NW CSC. 

The NW CSC Science Agenda identifies key science needs that have been organized into seven interrelated research themes: 

  • Climate Science and Modeling
  • Response of Physical Systems to Climate Change
  • Response of Biological Systems to Climate Change
  • Vulnerability and Adaptation
  • Monitoring and Observation Systems 
  • Data Infrastructure, Analysis, and Modeling
  • Communication of Science Findings

  Download the NW CSC Science Agenda (Appendix B of the NW CSC Strategic Plan; PDF, 290 KB) 

  Download the NW CSC Strategic Plan (PDF, 603 KB)