Regional Inventory of Climate Projects (DEPTH)

The NW CSC supports research that addresses its Science Agenda for 2012-2016, which is composed of seven themes that outline the science needed to help make sound resource management decisions in the Northwest in the face of climate change. Since FY 2011, the NW CSC has awarded over $7 million to federal and university scientists to provide climate, water, and vegetation scenarios for the Northwest and examine how wildlife, disturbance regimes, and tribal cultural traditions may respond to these projected changes.

The NW CSC recognizes that our regional federal, state, and tribal partners are engaged in important research that also addresses our Science Agenda. To ensure coordination, identify research gaps, and avoid duplication of efforts between agencies, the NW CSC has compiled a database of regional climate research projects funded since FY 2011. This database, which currently consists of nearly 800 projects from 31 different agencies and organizations, showcases the significant progress that can be made by collectively addressing important climate science questions.

In order to easily create, edit, filter, and view climate project records sponsored by all DOI Climate Science Centers and their partner agencies and organizations, the NW CSC and USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC) created the Data Entry for Project Tracking and Highlighting (DEPTH) web portal. This first-of-its-kind product is publicly accessible and maintained by NW CSC and NCCWSC staff.

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Number of climate science projects funded in FY 2011-2016 by the NW CSC and its partner agencies that address the NW CSC Science Agenda. Themes: (1) Climate modeling, (2) Physical system responses to climate change, (3) Biological responses to climate change, (4) Vulnerability and adaptation, (5) Monitoring, (6) Data management, (7) Communication of science findings.