Support for the Eighth Annual Northwest Climate Conference

Alan Cressler —NPS, 2018

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The Northwest Climate Conference (formerly called the Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference) is the premier climate science event for the region, providing a forum for researchers and practitioners to share scientific results and discuss challenges and solutions related to the impacts of climate change on people, natural resources, and infrastructure in the Northwest. Conference participants include policy- and decision-makers, resource managers, and scientists from academia, public agencies, sovereign tribal nations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. More information can be found on the Northwest Climate Conference website.

The Eighth Annual Northwest Climate Conference will be held in Tacoma, Washington from October 10-11, 2017. Funding through this project supports attendance for up to 50 students and tribal members. Conference attendance and sponsorship ensures information-sharing and coordination among the Northwest Climate Science Center and its partners and stakeholders.

Lead Investigator:
Joe Casola, University of Washington Climate Impacts Group

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Project Contact:
Joe Casola,

State: Regionwide

Funding Year: FY 2017

Project Status: In Progress

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Science Agenda Theme: Communication of Science Findings


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