NW CSC Fellows

Current Fellows

Claire Beveridge
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington

Claire is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a member of the Watershed Dynamics Research Group and is largely interested in modeling coupled hydrologic and social systems, particularly where complex... more

Ian Breckheimer
Department of Biology
University of Washington

Ian Breckheimer studies how plant communities are responding to climate change. His research, based in Mt. Rainier National Park, uses experiments and long-term observations to tease apart which locations in the Park are the most sensitive and most resilient to climate change impacts. He does... more

David Diaz
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington

To stay near the love of his life and future wife, David took his first undergraduate job in forest ecology counting and identifying ants in central Massachusetts in 2003. His ensuing research into ecological legacies of historical land use culminated with an interdisciplinary degree in... more

Diana Gergel
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington

Diana Gergel is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a member of the Computational Hydrology group, where her current research focuses on modeling the impact of climate change on snowpack and fire risk in the... more

Harry Podschwit
Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management
University of Washington
Over the last three decades wildfires in the American West have gotten bigger and more frequent, exacting a significant economic toll. University of Washington’s Harry Podschwit is one of only a few dozen statisticians in the world tackling the question of fire ecology. As one of the newest... more
Mark Robbins
Ph.D. Student in Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Michigan

Following an undergraduate degree in geology and a year working in a geochemistry laboratory, I worked for two years at a DOE Legacy Management site conducting long-term geochemical monitoring and multi-month experiments. That position showed me the information and knowledge contained in long-... more

Erika Sutherland
Aquatic & Fishery Sciences
University of Washington

Warming stream temperatures are increasing the range of non-native, predatory smallmouth bass into critical salmon rearing habitat. Erika Sutherland, one of the Northwest Climate Science Center’s newest Graduate Fellows, is currently conducting research to better understand the recruitment... more

Former Fellows

Kathryn Baker
Forest, Range and Fire Science Department
University of Idaho

Kathryn is interested in the effect of climate change on the ability of conifer seedlings to establish in the Northwest. Her fieldwork this season focuses on young adult trees as they experience drought, and she plans to look at the effect of drought on young seedlings next growing season. ... more

Karie Boone
Ph.D. Student, NSF IGERT Fellow: IWATER
Colorado State University

Prior to becoming an NSF IGERT Fellow, I completed a master’s degree in environmental and rural development Sociology at Colorado State University. My master’s research sheds light on the complexities of carrying out food security and food sovereignty agendas in the northern highlands of... more

Kevin Buffington
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University

With up to 2 m of sea-level rise projected by 2100, intertidal habitats (mudflats and salt marshes) are likely to undergo drastic transformations. My research will focus on modeling functional change in the intertidal zone. I will develop models for elevation, habitat (vegetation) and species... more

Polly Buotte
Environmental Science Program
University of Idaho

Climate change vulnerability assessments are recommended as a primary way for National Forests to prepare for climate change.  Although early climate change vulnerability assessments focused substantial attention on one to several National Forests, the number of National Forests and scope... more

Sarah Frey
Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society
Oregon State University

Sarah is a PhD student at Oregon State University in the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society pursuing a major in Forest Science and a minor in Ecosystem Informatics. Her research focuses on understanding bird species distributions in mountainous environments, both in the Oregon... more

Collette Gantenbein
Department of Geography
University of Idaho

Collette Gantenbein graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Geography with an emphasis in studying cartography and Geographic Information Systems. Her senior thesis, Environmental Degradation of the Tibetan Plateau, introduced her to an interest in Physical Geography through... more

Abram Grisham
Department of Anthropology
University of Idaho

Tribal Garden’ - Schitsu’umsh Relationships with Their Dynamic Landscapes: Identifying, Managing and Applying Indigenous Knowledge and Praxis.

Based upon the research developed in association with the Sqigwts NKN Climate Change project, this document provides recommendations on how to... more

Isabel Guerrero
Applied Economics/Resource and Environmental Economics
Oregon State University

Born in Lima, Perú, Isabel received her BS in Economic Science from the Universidad del Pacífico. She worked for the World Wildlife Fund-Perú as a budgeting analyst and for the United Nations Environment Programme in Panamá, where she dealt with conservationist projects that were approached from... more

Shana Hirsch
Water Resources - IGERT Program
University of Idaho

I am currently a PhD Student in Water Resources—Law, Management and Policy at the University of Idaho. With an MA in Cultural Studies from University of Washington and an MSc in Global Environment, Politics, and Society from University of Edinburgh, I draw from the theoretical perspectives of... more

Jamie Jarolimek
Fish and Wildlife Sciences
University of Idaho

Jamie Jarolimek is pursuing a Master of Science in the Department of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho.  Her research focuses on developing a methodology for assessing vulnerability for aspen stands with regards to climate change and avian community in multiple sites across Idaho... more

Brittany Jones
School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences
University of Washington

Brittany received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology from Gettysburg College. Her areas of concentration included marine ecology and Earth system science. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences at the... more

Jesse Langdon
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington

Abstract. Forecasting the Impact of Climate Change and Land Use on Terrestrial Animals in the Pacific Northwest. I will develop current and future habitat suitability models for 210 terrestrial animal species. These species have been selected based on their inclusion in... more

David Lawrence
School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
University of Washington

David Lawrence is a Ph.D. student in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. His current research investigates the influence of climate change and land-use alteration on the spread and potential impacts of non-native fishes on native fishes in rivers of the... more

Sihan Li
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University

Sihan earned a BS in Atmospheric Science from Yunnan University in Kunming, China, where she did research projects on heat flux in the Indo-Pacific warm pool and wavelet analysis of interdecadal variability. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Oregon State University's College of Earth, Ocean,... more

Daniel Matsche
Department of Geography
University of Idaho

In recent years, the frequency of devastating landslide events has increased substantially. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, where towns and transportation networks are concentrated in river valleys or in close proximity to mountains, landslides pose significant threats to communities. My... more

Ryan Niemeyer
Water Resources - IGERT Program
University of Idaho

Ryan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Water Resources program at University of Idaho. He grew up in rural eastern Washington, where he saw how healthy ecosystems both provide habitat for the wildlife we enjoy and the food and water we need to survive. His professional goal is to improve our ability... more

John Peters
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
Minimizing the Gap Between Climate Science and Resource Management: Developing a Web-Assessable Database of Expert Science. 
Abstract. This research is intended to create two distinct deliverables. A white paper report examining current government... more
Ronda Strauch
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington

Ronda Strauch is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her current research focuses on the vulnerability of transportation to climate change, building on her experience over the past 12 years as a supervising engineer... more

Lindsey Thurman
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University

Lindsey is a mountaineer from the flat lands of Florida's Gulf Coast who has been interested in the environment and nature since an early age. After graduating, Cum Laude, with a BS in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Lindsey was employed by the U.... more

Seth Wiggins
Applied Economics
Oregon State University

Ecosystem Services: Carbon Sequestration and Rangeland Management

Abstract. Ecosystem services--carbon sequestration and rangeland management: Rangelands are one of the most important uses of public and private land in the Pacific Northwest, the... more

Jacob Wolf
Air Quality Meteorologist
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

As a NW CSC Graduate Fellow at the University of Idaho Jacob Wolf developed large datasets of drought indices across Idaho to help project streamflow in unregulated basins. Jacob graduated in August 2012 and now works as the Air Quality Meteorologist for the Idaho Department of... more