researcher acquiring spatial data

NW CSC Science Overview

The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC) strives to connect science to real world regional issues like drought planning, forest and range management, agricultural production, water management, flood control, and coastal erosion. The science we support is designed to help local decision makers build the Northwest’s resilience and ability to adapt to future environmental change. To stimulate production of this kind of "actionable science," we endorse a co-development process in which scientists work with cultural stewards and natural resource managers to: 1) to identify a management priority that can be better informed by science, 2) collaboratively decide on a scientific strategy to help inform decisions around that priority, and 3) generate information and products that are tailor-made to meet the resource managers’ needs.

We work closely with managers and decision makers in the Department of the Interior, other federal agencies, state natural resource management departments, and tribes and intertribal organizations to identify management priorities and guide our science directions. We also work closely with other climate change and landscape-level oriented groups to leverage resources that will make our science useful to stakeholders like forest managers, ranchers, growers, and local non-governmental organizations.