We're Hiring a Communications Manager!

Help pave the way to a brighter future as our Communications Manager!

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

The University of Washington College of the Environment has an opportunity for a half-time Communications Manager. This person will develop and implement the communications program of the Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC)

Working with the UW director and deputy director of the NW CSC, as well as the Climate Impacts Group’s Strategic Communications Lead, the incumbent will have primary responsibility to develop and implement the NW CSC communications program; assess efficacy and salience of existing communications activities and products; develop and deliver strategic, targeted, and tailored communications products; track and evaluate communications success; and revise approaches as warranted. This position requires regular and timely communication with the federal partners regarding the research and program efforts of the NW CSC. The incumbent will actively support NW CSC co-production, education, training and engagement activities, e.g., by supporting NW CSC Fellows’ training in communication and evaluation. S/he will coordinate with and leverage the efforts of USGS and UW communications professionals (including at the UW Climate Impacts Group, College of the Environment and UW media relations), leverage resources and assuring mutual benefit, and ensure compliance with USGS, DOI and UW communication requirements.

For a complete job description and application requirements please visit the Northwest Climate Science Center Communications Manager job posting. Applications are no longer being reviewed. 


The NW CSC is hiring an Actionable Science Postdoctoral Fellow


The University of Washington College of the Environment invites applications for a Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) Actionable Science Postdoctoral Fellow.

The NW CSC is one of eight regional Climate Science Centers dedicated to delivering science that helps wildlife, water, land, and people adapt to a changing climate. Established by the Department of Interior in 2010, the NW CSC is newly hosted by the University of Washington’s College of the Environment, which leads a multi-university consortium including Boise State University, University of Montana, Washington State University and Western Washington University. Research at the NW CSC provides objective scientific information and tools that Northwest managers of land, water, wildlife, and cultural resources can use to anticipate, monitor, and adapt to climate change.

Working closely with the UW director and deputy director of the NW CSC, the Actionable Science Fellow will play a leading role in the NW CSC’s efforts to foster the region’s actionable climate science workforce. Specifically, the NW CSC Actionable Science Fellow will support the NW CSC’s education, training, and capacity-building efforts by:

1. Facilitating the actionable science efforts of the NW CSC’s graduate fellowship program, including leading fellows’ capacity-building activities, supporting fellows’ co-production and communication efforts, and promoting synergistic opportunities among fellows’ projects and other regional research and management activities;

2. Supporting the NW CSC regional dialogue and information-sharing activities, such as actionable science webinars and the Climate Boot Camp (an annual, multi-day workshop for regional scientists and decision-makers), including designing an agenda that supports participant learning and engagement and assisting in development of Boot Camp products (e.g., white papers, research agendas); and

3. Evaluating the efficacy of these activities in promoting regional communities of practice and actionable climate science capacity. Evaluation insights will be used to adjust NW CSC co-production activities over time.

The position requires a PhD or foreign equivalent in an area of natural or social science related to climate change (e.g., earth science, atmospheric science, biology, forestry, hydrology, human geography, anthropology, political science), with demonstrated experience conducting research, assessment, and stakeholder engagement related to climate change impacts and/or adaptation. The position requires demonstrated experience in the co-creation of knowledge, co-definition of research problems, and successfully linking science and decision-making. In addition, the position requires demonstrated success in teaching and mentoring, engagement with diverse stakeholders, and superior writing and oral communication skills.

Salary will be dependent on qualifications and experience. Priority given to applications received by September 22, 2017. 

For a complete job description and for application requirements please visit: Actionable Science Postdoctoral Fellow


New Paper by NW CSC Graduate Fellow, Diana Gergel

Northwest Climate Science Center University of Washington Graduate Fellow, Diana Gergel, is lead author on a new paper in Climatic Change. In it she and her co-authors evaluated the implications of ten twenty-first century climate scenarios for snow, soil moisture, and fuel moisture across the conterminous western U.S. using the Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) hydrology model. They projected declines in mountain snowpack, advances in the timing of spring melt, reductions in snow season and in summer soil moisture and increases in fire potential. More information and a link to the full article are available here.


Submit Your Abstracts Now for the 2017 Northwest Climate Conference

Organizers have announced the call for abstracts for the 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference –Working Together to Build a Resilient Northwest. As sponsors of this event, NW CSC invites you to submit abstracts for special sessions, oral presentations, and posters. Submissions are requested for a range of topics focused on climate and adaptation. Presentations and special sessions that connect science to management and implementation of adaptation actions are encouraged. Emphasis is on talks that are comprehensible to a wide audience on topics of broad interest. For more information and to register, please visit the conference website.