David Diaz

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
University of Washington
(503) 333-8501

To stay near the love of his life and future wife, David took his first undergraduate job in forest ecology counting and identifying ants in central Massachusetts in 2003. His ensuing research into ecological legacies of historical land use culminated with an interdisciplinary degree in Environmental History from Harvard College in 2006. David next investigated soil carbon cycling, microbial ecology, and the potential for positive feedback loops in carbon emissions under climate change through a Soil Science MS at Oregon State University. Since 2008, he has worked professionally in ecosystem service markets and forest conservation financing. He is now eager to build upon open-source web technologies his team at Ecotrust has developed, which are used for stewardship planning by hundreds of forest owners across Oregon and Washington. At UW, David will focus on forestry operations, forest-climate modeling, and technology transfer. His goal is to continue expanding the adoption of ecological forest management, particularly serving family forest owners and American Indian tribes.