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2016 CBC Curriculum

Climate Boot Camp (CBC) includes formal classroom and non-formal outdoor education, group and individual study, social activities, and visits to climate research field sites. Drawing on mission elements of knowledge integration and communication, CBC curriculum is focused on climate variability and change in the context of knowledge co-production and collaborative management.

CBC features field and project-based curriculum around regional climate change issues that are relevant to the Northwest. Instructors are recruited from research institutions, tribes, state and federal agencies for their knowledge in cultural, social and ecological dimensions of climate change. CBC curriculum is often organized through the learning by design framework, using essential questions to guide development. Below are examples from the 2016 curriculum development process:

                  What are the indicators of climate change in central Idaho and the greater Pacific Northwest?

                  How does knowledge integration benefit my research and the work of my                  tribe/agency/organization?

                  How can we use storytelling to communicate our research and work to diverse audiences?

                  How can we build relationships with each other to foster collaboration?

Skills-based experiential learning is often a feature of the camp. In previous years, participants learned storytelling and podcasting, videography and editing, writing and interview skills.