Kathryn Baker

Forest, Range and Fire Science Department
University of Idaho
(405) 255-5720

Kathryn is interested in the effect of climate change on the ability of conifer seedlings to establish in the Northwest. Her fieldwork this season focuses on young adult trees as they experience drought, and she plans to look at the effect of drought on young seedlings next growing season. Kathryn got her undergraduate degree at Colorado College, where she spent more than 60 days with classes in the field studying ecology and geology in the Rocky Mountains.  After working for a summer as a fire ecology field technician in Idaho, Kathryn took a break from academia in an attempt to experience other aspects of land management. She spent two years working on a cattle ranch in southeast Colorado and a field season working in aquatic biology with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  While fish and livestock do have their charms, she couldn’t be happier to be back in the forests of the Northern Rockies, studying tree ecophysiology of local conifers.