Northwest Climate Science Center Seeks Deputy Center Director

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) seeks a Deputy Center Director. Responsibilities for this brand new position will include helping develop and implement all aspects of NW CSC strategic operations; establishing and maintaining diverse partnerships; monitoring advances in global change adaptation; identifying the adaptation information needs of stakeholders; and developing and leading new regional research initiatives. More information here.

Graduate Fellow Produces Video About Climate Boot Camp

NW CSC University of Idaho Graduate Fellow, Ryan Neimeyer, used his science communication training from Climate Boot Camp 2015 to create a video about drought in the Northwest. This year USGS communication specialist, Ryan McClymont, provided basic training in videography and editing to Climate Boot Camp participants, enabling them to communicate their science visually using commonly available tools like smart phones and iMovie. 

Wildfires May Double Erosion in Many Parts of the West

Increases in wildfire frequency and severity expected as a result of climate change may double erosion in many western states over the next 35 years. This could dramatically reduce water quality and introduce minerals in levels that may be toxic to humans and fish. Joel Sankey of USGS and his colleagues presented the results of this NW CSC-funded research at the 2015 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. See the press release here.