Citizen Scientists Gather Data on Snow Retention

Managers interested in maintaining summer stream flow in the Northwest need to understand the factors that determine whether forest cover accelerates or delays snow melt. Citizen scientists can collect data on snow pack across a broad area and time frame as they hike and ski. Scientists funded by the NW CSC recently published a paper describing how they enlisted citizen scientists in a study of snow melt in the Cascades. For more information contact Susan Dickerson-Lange at

Apply for a NW CSC Science Communication Fellowship

The Northwest Climate Science Center and McCall Outdoor Science School in the University of Idaho's College of Natural Resources are pleased to offer a 12-month Doctoral Residency in Science Communication. Diversify your skillset and expand your professional network through this integrative fellowship opportunity! Deadline for applications is February 15, 2016. For more information visit

NW CSC Seeks to Fund Innovative Research on Ecological Drought

The NW CSC is seeking to fund projects that develop methods to lessen the ecological impacts of ecological drought. Through this solicitation, the NW CSC is hoping to support innovative projects that will help assess which ecosystem components and ecological processes are most vulnerable to water deficiencies and will test new methods or technologies intended to lessen the ecological impacts of drought. More information and Statement of Interest guidelines can be found here