New Issue of NW Climate Magazine is Out!

The NW CSC is proud to bring you the latest issue of Northwest Climate Magazine, full of stories about research and adaptation efforts related to the issue of water availability in the Northwest. These stories bring to life some of the important collaborations that are helping our region prepare for the future- from safeguarding regional water supplies to building habitat connectivity across political borders. The magazine is co-produced with our partners at the Climate Impacts Research Consortium, the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC), the Great Northern LCC and the Great Basin LCC. See the full issue online here.

First Meeting of the Refugia Research Coalition

The Refugia Research Coalition (RRC) is a group of climate, fire and drought experts and resource managers from state and federal agencies, universities, tribes and nongovernmental organizations. It was commissioned by the NW CSC to identify the most important management priorities related to refugia in the Northwest; to synthesize refugia research; and to help identify ways to make refugia science more actionable. The RRC will use a combination of face-to-face meetings, surveys, and innovative outreach efforts to accomplish these goals. The first meeting of the RRC was held in Portland, Oregon on November 21, 2016.

The Northwest Climate Science Center's Annual Report

We at the Department of the Interior's Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) are proud to present our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16). This report highlights some of our many accomplishments during the past year, from helping to organize the first-ever Tribal Climate Camp to creating a series of Story Maps to make data more accessible to stakeholders. The full Northwest Climate Science Center 2016 Annual Report can be downloaded here. Thank you for contributing to these successes. Your support and involvement makes us stronger in everything we do.