Seeking Applications to Host Climate Science Centers

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a Program Announcement requesting applications to host Climate Science Centers (CSCs) in four regions. Three regions– Alaska, Northwest and Southeast – are re-competitions of the hosting arrangements currently in place. The fourth is a planned new CSC that would be created by splitting the Northeast CSC region. The announcement invites proposals to evaluate proposed science, partnership, and program support activities and strategies. NCCWSC will host a series of webinars to answer any questions. More information about the webinars and application process is available here.

Old growth forests buffer microclimate against warming

Sarah Frey, a Postdoctoral Scholar at Oregon State University with funding from the NW CSC, is lead author on a recent paper about the insulating effects that old growth forests have on microclimate. Her team found that old growth forests were capable of decreasing maximum spring monthly temperatures by 2.5°C. These cooling effects are of similar magnitude to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s forecasts for warming over the next 50 years. Conserving old-growth could help maintain important microrefugia in mountainous systems under global warming.

UW Scientists Develop New Methods to Track Wetlands Remotely

Northwest Climate Science Center-funded scientists at the University of Washington have developed new techniques to remotely track the location and size of wetlands, as well as their response to climate change. These methods will help protect a critical ecosystem component, responsible for mitigating floods, purifying water and providing habitat for frog, birds, salamanders and many other beloved species. For more see the full story here.